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Y’all need to learn what this word means.

“Civilization.” You think you know what it means. Civilization. Your eyes skate right through it. No problem. Civilization. You got this. It means “everything.”

Well, maybe not everything. Just people. Humans. Civilization means humans.

Maybe just “humanity.” You know, everybody, ever.

Wrong, sucka. Wrong.

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My response to the comment “I like pizza.”

Your perspective is correct. In lieu of debating you and presenting you with some facts I made up, I will engage with you in a two-man circle jerk of buddy-buddy bullshit. Pizza is good. I like pizza. You like pizza. Let’s have bro sex. But I’m not gay. Also, vote. For Romney, preferably. Actually, wait a minute. You went to Irondale High School? Your lifestyle choices are against my sacred text, which is the NASCAR standings.

Heart Spasms

Just had a physical heart spasm. At least I think it was. Don’t nobody panic, it’s over. Yes, I should quit smoking. No, I don’t have health insurance, and no this is not a “wake-up call” for me. OK, yes it is a wake-up call. And maybe I will quit those goddamn cigarettes. But I don’t think those things are all that are bothering my heart.



People and their opinions.

My heroes dying and being replaced by humans.

The maddening questions: Am I wrong about this or that? Seriously, am I wrong, when I think and see and say and do things? Am I just making shit up?

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Introducing Jack Move Magazine

Just a few moments ago, the writer, editor, publisher, and advertising mind Emma Alvarez Gibson published the first issue of Jack Move Magazine, an old-school zine for the 21st century. I contributed a piece to Jack Move; I will leave it to you to figure out which piece is mine (hint: my byline is on it.) I am refraining from giving you the direct link to my offering, because I want you to rummage through the other quality writing on your way to reading my article.

What is Jack Move all about? From the masthead:

Like an old-school zine.

(But smarter. And sexier.)

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A Global Anatomy of Power in the 21st Century

A brief sketch of a hypothetical non-fiction magnum opus: a book about how power works in the 21st century.

Global Power

A survey of the different types of power bases, and how they interact. Governments, extra-governmental corporations, profit-motivated groups, ideologically motivated groups, and unconscious psychosocial movements. Because power does not always rest in human hands, natural phenomena would have to be treated as power bases as well; they would be integrated into the theoretical interactions of human power bases.

National Power

A survey of many countries and a more focused analysis of how power works on the national level. Inclusion of a charting system developed to measure the distribution of power in each country; such a chart would place national, regional, local, private, and hidden power in relation to one another by contact points and weight.

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