A Statement of Beliefs

A Statement of Belief

This is not a statement of all of my beliefs. That would take forever. This is a statement of some of my beliefs pertaining to humanity.

I believe in equal opportunity for all human beings.

I believe in the dignity of the human spirit.

I believe in men, in women, in straights, in gays, in transgender people, in whites, in blacks, in all other races and gender identities, in children, in adults.

I believe humans ought to treat each other with dignity.

I believe in honesty.

I believe in intellectual pursuit.

I believe in pluralism.

I believe in free speech, and that our greatest censors are not the government, but each other.

I believe in separating ideologies from identities.

I believe in humanism.

I believe in the free pursuit of religious experience.

I believe all people have the capacity for both good and evil, and that they will behave accordingly from time to time in their lives.

I believe in courage.

I believe in strength.

I believe in science even as I believe in the redemptive healing power of myth.

I believe in choosing one’s myths wisely, and I believe in owning one’s myths openly, vocally, clearly.

I believe in respecting others.

I believe in self-respect.

I believe in balance.

I believe in emotions, but I do not believe in prioritizing their mercurial demands over the demands of reason.

I believe in honor, and that there is an element of self-sacrifice inherent to the term.

I believe in principle over wealth.

I believe in positive thinking, in optimism, in a can-do attitude.

I believe in forming alliances.

I believe in the judicious application of the words “yes” and “no”.

I believe all humans have the capacity to lead, and that leading sometimes involves standing alone.

I believe in forbearance.

I believe in the legal definition of innocent until proven guilty.

I believe in the fallibility of humans.

I believe in pursuing the ideal of being a gentle giant.

I believe there is a better way than this.

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