Christian Examines Faith Through Darth Vader, Foul Language

Do you like strange religious writing? The kind without cliches? That hits pressure points you didn’t know you had, sometimes popping joints back into alignment, other times throwing your back out? How about religious writing that’s NSFW, i.e., tosses around a few swear words for effect?

The Cynic Testifies is a blog of mine. It chronicles the thoughts and experiences of the last person I ever expected to become a Jesus Freak:



On The Cynic Testifies, I generally keep things light, but I’m not responsible for any academic writing I may accidentally commit during the course of blogging. I do research my claims before making them. Except of course when I’m just completely riffing. My goal with the blog is to listen, anticipate, and directly address the actual thoughts of real, live people — not the people we pretend to be. You know what I’m talking about.

I hold nothing up as gospel, not even the Gospels. My tagline: “In which an unlikely follower of the Christ figure commits blasphemy against human assumptions.”

That goes for all human assumptions, not just non-Christian ones. Nothing is sacred, yet everything is sacred. I take an anarchistic approach to my theology: anything goes. Being that I am not a man of any Cloth, I am not beholden to a congregation’s narrow moors — or their financial contributions.


So hop over and take a look if you’re interested in reading imaginary dialogues, historical evaluations, new twists on old themes, a comparison of Paul to Darth Vader, satirical digs at people of all mindsets, and of course a bit of eff word here and there. Controversy! Lights! Shiny! Testification!

This website, the one you are reading right now — and no doubt many of you will thank God to hear me say this — will remain virtually Christ-free. How ’bout that! And you thought there was no Santa Claus.

Questions? Comments? Rants?

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