Your Entire Facebook History, Analyzed

“Will, you like to talk about Philosophy, Literature, and Social Media. You are introverted and spiritual. You post statuses to Facebook most often in the morning using”

So says Social Me, an excellent online tool that reads your entire Facebook history, applies a few mysterious algorithms, and spits out a comprehensive report about your Facebooking habits, cognitive leanings, personality traits, people you interact with, and loads of other interesting revelations. As a writer, I especially liked the way it compares certain facts about my writing style with the general population. Allegedly I use:

  • more words per sentence than 85% of people.
  • more commas than 89% of people.
  • fewer exclamation marks than 89% of people.
  • more dashes in my writing than 85% of people.
  • more quotation marks in my writing than 93% of people.
  • longer words than 93% of people.
  • words with more syllables than 94% of people.
  • fewer concrete words than 87% of people.

One questionable “fact” included in that section is that I am “more insightful than 94% of people.” How is that even remotely a measurable datum? Isn’t that purely subjective? I bet you tell that to all the guys, Social Me.

Thank you, thank you. (Painting behind me by Minneapolis artist Cory Rasmussen.)
Thank you, thank you. (Painting behind me by Minneapolis artist Cory Rasmussen.)

Social Me isn’t perfect — the basic assumptions it relies on are all completely subjective — but it’s approximately infinity thousand times better than all other social media profile analysis tools I’ve played with. Scroll down to view a screenshot of my Social Me; click the image to view it full-size. Or see it in all its on-site glory at Zeebly.

To see your own Social Me, go here and click the big blue button to authorize access to your Facebook account. Wait a minute or two (or five, depending on how much data your Facebook account has) and enjoy the results. Privacy note: The site won’t share your Social Me results unless you explicitly click the “Share” button in a later step.

The more you use Facebook and the longer you’ve used it, the more accurate Social Me is. I agreed with most of the assertions it made about me. Then again, whoever conceived Social Me is obviously an intelligent human being, because everything was worded in a flattering way so as not to make people cry and hate the product. Likely a thoughtful psychology buff is behind the project; it was probably inspired by the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment. Social Me can fairly be considered a prototypical update of that famous test, but for the digital age.

As someone who bounces a lot of ideas off my Facebook and Twitter friends (or assaults their peace of mind therein), I liked getting the bird’s-eye view of everything I’ve done there since April 2007. That’s almost six years of status updates, photos, links, and of course cats. Plenty of cats. And drama.

Give your Social Me a shot! Post the link to your report in the comments here and/or share it on my Facebook timeline. If we’re not already friends there, friend up with me and drop me a message saying how you know me, e.g., you found me here on The Writer+ Blog.

(Click the image below to view the full-size screenshot in a new tab.)

Will's Social Me
An analysis of my entire Facebook posting history courtesy of Zeebly. Get yours at

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