If She Calls Me on the Phone

If she calls me on the phone
Do I answer, ”
I am a digital approximation”
“Press 1 for English”
If nexward she implies axforwardslash cramward,
Crawl out do we dare?
Allowing for 4G interference gulleting
Down telecom drawers
Well, bass synths tech know sys
Tem and dese.
Call out your sexcams
For all eternity.
I’ll-withered callow stems glory funk blug fjord gunk.
Autocorrect blasphemy calls to me. I’ll I’ll I’ll.
See how the cat doth hump moonweary gallumphing for e’er and ere I saw elbow.
Yeah, forward slash me to ribbons, yeah yeah. Whoa.
Glory gunk if you please continue fallow in your tread, stead, what head.
Give God gore.

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