25 Loosely Connected Opinions on the Mechanics of Personal Revolution

I wrote this using my Twitter account.

  1. High energy and fast poetry break barriers to entry. Don’t wait for permission to speak. Move in, get in front of the crowd, and explode.
  2. I have commandeered microphones in minutes flat. I have created stages out of staircases. You don’t need airwaves and Carnegie Halls.
  3. Raised eyebrows become head-scratching becomes stroked beards become arms akimbo become heart-pounding becomes shouts & applause in moments.
  4. Prepare for that moment. Get the message ready. Sculpt it, chisel it, perfect it. An opportunity to unleash the message will present itself.
  5. Blitzkrieg. The revolution of the mind cannot be self-administered. The element of surprise is key. The ego’s defense relies on forewarning.
  6. Comedians are like double agents. They appease the conscious mind to gain access to the unconscious mind.
  7. If you want to change the world, be a mind agent. Infiltrate psyches and install messages that fuse to the ego.
  8. “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.”
  9. Hackers say code is poetry. I say it’s also vice-versa.
  10. It is unnerving to think that our minds are programmable. But they are. Propagandists and marketers are programming us at this very moment.
  11. The mind is a battlefield. To ignore the rules of battle is to allow meaningless objectives to prevail. Apply conscious programming.
  12. Changing your own mind is often just a reconfiguration of existing components. To change your mind, an external force must operate on you.
  13. In my experience, fundamental change is something that comes over you, like a force of nature. It’s out of your hands.
  14. Choice comes after assessment. Assessment comes after options. Options come after exploration. Exploration comes from perpetual motion.
  15. Vision precedes perception.
  16. Your vision is a hollow vessel. Information serves mainly to fill up and justify the existence of your vision.
  17. Information, facts, figures, and data do not change the shape of your vision. And emotion only serves to heat and thus soften your vision.
  18. The sheer gravity of other visions, in my theory, is the only force that can change the shape of your emotion-softened vision.
  19. Visions can take the form of symbols. Symbols are visions that have been eroded over the years to their irreducible essence.
  20. To draw a parallel to physics: An individual human vision is the “weak” force, while a symbol (collective vision) is the “strong” force.
  21. An individual’s vision can make subtle but universal changes to other visions. A symbol makes highly perceptible but localized changes.
  22. In the end, we have only the tools available to us. We have language, for example: an assemblage of blunt objects and surgical instruments.
  23. Language is partially a function of the number of people involved. Its nature changes drastically at each succession towards infinity.
  24. It is useful to understand Dunbar’s Number when talking about language, cognition, and revolution. http://bit.ly/cXilP4
  25. We have only so many mental, emotional, and temporal resources to address such questions. There is sacrifice.

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