Apparently Someone Thinks This Blog Has Hit The Big Time (HA!)

Trolls happen. It’s a fact of social media.

What is a troll? A troll is a person who harasses people online. They attempt to evoke an emotional response. They target a person and they generally do not stop until they have had a few laughs at someone else’s expense. Without getting into any gory details, I can assure you that trolling has sometimes ended very badly in real life – either for the target or for the troll himself/herself.

Obviously that’s boring.

This blog has officially been hit by its first troll. You don’t need to read the comment that was posted twice. I can tell you it was somewhat creative but definitely mean-spirited. It was intended to discourage me and others from participating in Westward Invasion 2009. The troll knows that some people are easily frightened. It is an interesting psychological phenomenon, I will say that much.

But just because it’s interesting or entertaining doesn’t make it worthwhile. As I stated in my response to the comments (now deleted) I have no problem with censorship. None whatsoever. On the Internet it’s called comment moderation. That’s where I get to delete any comment I want.

Well, since I don’t feel like dealing with it, I’m instituting automatic comment moderation on this blog. I will approve any and all comments that agree with me, disagree with me, make fun of someone or something, opine in a loud manner, speak in a soft tone, lampoon me, encourage people, offer constructive criticism, or pretty much anything else. I will even approve a comment if it is completely off-topic.

I will not approve spam or trolling.

We clear? All good? Let the good times troll. I mean roll.

Questions? Comments? Rants?

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