Today is International Thank a Woman Day!


UPDATE: Ha ha ha! I lost readership due to this post. Ha ha ha! Somebody give me a Purple Heart.

UPDATE: This post was partially responsible for a Twitter conversation that churned on for two hours and left some of us more confused than ever.

Confusion: That fragile state of mind in which evolution and devolution are equally likely.

Yeah, I’m declaring a Day. Granted it’s not as if we don’t have enough Days. There’s International Day of Literacy, National Talk Like a Pirate Day, Doris Day Day, Zip-a-dee Doo-da Day, and Da-Dum Diddle-Diddle-Diddle Doo-Da Day.

We don’t need another Day. But we do need to get slapped back to reality once in awhile, and if that means creating another Day, then here it is.

Today, January 17th, 2009 and every year hereafter, is International Thank a Woman Day!
Bring on the marching band.

Why and how come am I doing this? Am I some kinda softy? Some liberal? Perhaps there is a special someone, somewhere, maybe someone I am stalking, who I need to suck up to, seem more sweet and well-meaning, maybe? Yeah, that must be the case.

And really, what’s the point? I mean, come on, “thank a woman”? Condescend much?

Yeah, well, here’s the thing. Earlier today I assumed a Twitter profile to be a man, referring to its owner as “he”. Turned out he was a she, so I excused myself for the assumption. She replied, saying,

It’s ok! A lot of people think that over there. Sometimes there is an advantage (it’s sad kinda.)

One small piece of evidence that it’s still a man’s world, even if your whole world fits inside Firefox 3. Yes, I know Carol Bartz is the new CEO of Yahoo. Obviously there are exceptions.

All I’m saying is Hi. You’re either a man or a woman. You sometimes ignore women/fellow women. You sometimes forget women can move mountains with the best of them. So as a way of actively reminding yourself to do your part to level the playing field, just thank a woman. For anything, I don’t care. Go out of your way to say thanks for something she did or does.

The whole point is to remind you not to ignore half the population. Just stick it on your calendar for next year. Simple as that. No big deal.

So for all you who think I’m some kind of creepy out-of-touch throwback to the heyday of the feminist movement, allow me to overcompensate:

  • Next post we will be talking about monster trucks and Rambo and the sports.
  • Maybe even have a “Thank a Man Day”, just to make things even, because:
  • Men are so patient with all these skirts and their demands and their issues.

I trust I have correctly reclaimed my status as a “regular guy”.

Please don’t hurt me in the comments.

Questions? Comments? Rants?

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