Should I Run Ugly Google Ads Here?

I used to run Google ads on this blog before I really started devoting my time to posting. I took the ads down because

  1. they are ugly,
  2. I don’t need the income, and
  3. the income would only be a few bucks if anything, since I only get a hundred visitors a day here.

What do you think I should do at this point? Leave things the way they are? Or do you think I should put some ads up and try to make some money?



What is the One Word Brand Game and How Does It Work?

The One Word Brand Game is an ongoing tag cloud formation project exploring the phenomenon of “personal brands”.

How Do You Play?

1. Make sure you have a Twitter account. (Sign up here.)
2. Tweet a personal brand for yourself or a friend in one word and tag it #onewordbrand.

Two Examples:

  • If entering for yourself: Righteous #onewordbrand 
  • If entering for a friend: @TwitterUserFriend = Bunnies #onewordbrand

3. Repeat early and often.

Simple as that. You have to include the hashtag #onewordbrand. You do not have to send the tweet to me, unless you want to. I do enjoy getting tweeted at. Just make sure you tag your entry #onewordbrand so I can find the results. Don’t overthink it. Just type it in. You’re not going to die, I swear to Bob.

Some frequently asked questions:

1. “What are you going to do with the results?”

I will manually go through all the data and create a tag cloud out of the results. I will make the tag cloud will be available for anyone to embed anywhere as a widget. The tag cloud will look something like the following but much bigger:

created at

The bigger, darker terms represent more occurrences of the word; the smaller, lighter terms represent less frequent occurences. 

2. “Um, why are you doing this”?

Many reasons:

Games are awesome and participating in this fun project is easy!

Tag clouds are awesome and a great way to visualize massive amounts of data!

 It will be interesting to see and share what the Twittersphere thinks of itself, how common or rare certain personal brands are, and so on.

“Personal branding” is all the rage these days and a topic of great debate. Some people say personal branding is insulting to the human race, as we are not brands, we are people, for cripe sake. Others say personal branding is a necessary evil in this day and age. Others actually enjoy the process of personal branding. I myself am a mix of the latter two, and I suspect many of my readers are too. (What do you think about personal branding in general? Drop a comment and let our friends know how you feel.) 

Your answer here. Why do you think this could be an interesting project? What would you get out of the data? 

3. “I do not believe in branding myself. Let others speak for me.”

How about you speak for others then? Enter a One Word Brand for as many Twitter friends as you wish, in the form of: 

@YourFriend=Contagious #onewordbrand 

4. “How many times can I enter?”

You may enter the One Word Brand project an infinite amount of times. In fact, it helps the project to spread virally if you enter as many of your friends as you feel comfortable with. 

5. “Won’t multiple entries mess up the data?”

Yes and no. Yes, because it allows more active participants to inject their own creativity into the mix, leaving others underrepresented. No, because continued participation will lead to greater viral spread, which in theory will overpower any one person’s ability to dominate. 

6. Can I use compound words, made-up words, etc.?

Yes, yes, and yes. And yes. 

7. “What is the “#” symbol for, how do you use it, and why do you want me to use it?”

The “#” symbol is called a hashtag symbol. Whatever word or phrase appears directly after the “#” symbol is automatically converted into a link to a Twitter search for that word or phrase. For example, when your Tweet contains #onewordbrand, Twitter users can click on #onewordbrand in your tweet to see all tweets containing the keyword “onewordbrand”. In fact, it is how I will be gathering all data for the One Word Brand project. That is why you must tag your entry #onewordbrand. 

8. What is the deadline?

I originally imposed a 24-hour deadline, but the implications for this project are bigger than I originally guessed. The deadline is never. Keep entering brands for yourself and your friends, and keep retweeting the news about the project, so we can all learn as much as possible. The tag cloud will be updated accordingly for time to time.

That’s about it.

Enter as often as you like, for yourself and your friends, and I will keep you apprised. Make sure you tag your entry #onewordbrand. (Did I repeat myself enough times for this to finally stick?)

Questions? Drop a comment here. I will respond.


P.S. Don’t forget to tag your entry #onewordbrand. Lova ya.

Today is International Thank a Woman Day!


UPDATE: Ha ha ha! I lost readership due to this post. Ha ha ha! Somebody give me a Purple Heart.

UPDATE: This post was partially responsible for a Twitter conversation that churned on for two hours and left some of us more confused than ever.

Confusion: That fragile state of mind in which evolution and devolution are equally likely.

Yeah, I’m declaring a Day. Granted it’s not as if we don’t have enough Days. There’s International Day of Literacy, National Talk Like a Pirate Day, Doris Day Day, Zip-a-dee Doo-da Day, and Da-Dum Diddle-Diddle-Diddle Doo-Da Day.

We don’t need another Day. But we do need to get slapped back to reality once in awhile, and if that means creating another Day, then here it is.

Today, January 17th, 2009 and every year hereafter, is International Thank a Woman Day!
Bring on the marching band.

Why and how come am I doing this? Am I some kinda softy? Some liberal? Perhaps there is a special someone, somewhere, maybe someone I am stalking, who I need to suck up to, seem more sweet and well-meaning, maybe? Yeah, that must be the case.

And really, what’s the point? I mean, come on, “thank a woman”? Condescend much?

Yeah, well, here’s the thing. Earlier today I assumed a Twitter profile to be a man, referring to its owner as “he”. Turned out he was a she, so I excused myself for the assumption. She replied, saying,

It’s ok! A lot of people think that over there. Sometimes there is an advantage (it’s sad kinda.)

One small piece of evidence that it’s still a man’s world, even if your whole world fits inside Firefox 3. Yes, I know Carol Bartz is the new CEO of Yahoo. Obviously there are exceptions.

All I’m saying is Hi. You’re either a man or a woman. You sometimes ignore women/fellow women. You sometimes forget women can move mountains with the best of them. So as a way of actively reminding yourself to do your part to level the playing field, just thank a woman. For anything, I don’t care. Go out of your way to say thanks for something she did or does.

The whole point is to remind you not to ignore half the population. Just stick it on your calendar for next year. Simple as that. No big deal.

So for all you who think I’m some kind of creepy out-of-touch throwback to the heyday of the feminist movement, allow me to overcompensate:

  • Next post we will be talking about monster trucks and Rambo and the sports.
  • Maybe even have a “Thank a Man Day”, just to make things even, because:
  • Men are so patient with all these skirts and their demands and their issues.

I trust I have correctly reclaimed my status as a “regular guy”.

Please don’t hurt me in the comments.

Operation: Twixicon Alpha: The Twictionary Papers

Here it is: The full list of twords invented by those who attended the first spontaneous Twictionary build in the history of Twitter. First, a few facts:

  • A few of these have already been invented prior to Twixicon Alpha, but I am quite confident this is the first time anyone has copyright the terms. So am I getting all legalistic on your collective ass? No. The whole point of this is to make connections and establish creative relationships that people actually care about. If you want to make money off any of the following twords, you have to follow, message, and ask permission from the Twitter user who coined it. And don’t be boring. Think of the children.
  • Did you know there are Twitterers out there exclusively devoted to collecting new twords and saving them for posterity? Two I have found are @twitdictionary and @twittonary. Hit them up if you are into this kind of thing. Hit me up too: @willconley777.
  • We will likely create other games based on Twitter in the near future. When and where we don’t know. These things just happen, you know? Stay tuned!

So now, the list. It is alternately hilarious, brilliant, deep, beautiful, cute, odd, contentious, insulting, pointless, useful, and of course twitastic. Enjoy: