To All 15 of My New RSS Subscribers

Two days ago I added Feedburner to my growing list of blog technologies to try out. Since then I have gained 15 readers, according to the stats at Feedburner. No, I cannot see who subscribes, I can only see the numbers and their basic clicking behavior. It is one of the better ways to see how people use your site and then adjust your approach accordingly.

So, moving on to my dedicated note for my new subscribers. I just want to make it clear that I welcome any and all communication from you. You can join this site via the Google Friend Connect widget in the sidebar, talk to me on any of my social networks, shoot me an email anytime you like, and of course, drop copious amounts of post comments (now with Facebook Connect!)

That said, here’s a question for you. Why did you subscribe to my blog? I was going to create a poll at PollDaddy, but I decided we don’t need to get fancy here. I will just list off a few guesses, and you can respond in the comments.

Your Reasons for Subscribing to Man of Many Words

  • My scowling face.
  • My happy face.
  • The oddly proportioned header.
  • My thoughts on social media.
  • My thoughts on life itself.
  • I blogged about a specific topic you are interested in.
  • Other

If I blogged about a topic that’s near and dear to your heart, what was it?

A final word for now: If you blog or have a presence online somewhere and would like to share that information with me and/or my other readers, please do so!

Questions? Comments? Rants?

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