You made it to 2009! Keep going!

Instead of a resolution, why not take a look back at what you accomplished? Change or adjust your definition of success and pat yourself on the back. Did you spend too much time obsessing over something–time that should have been spent, say, greening your lawn for the neighbor’s sake? What did you do during that time? Maybe you got really good at Grand Theft Auto.

No matter how puerile the pursuit, you learned something, did something, got better at something. Stop whipping yourself with the New Year’s cat-o’-nine-tails and put your chin up, soldier! Whether you are a starving artist or some Wall Street embarrassment hiding behind a back issue of Fortune, you need to give yourself some props.

You made it through a year of paranoia–market paranoia, security paranoia, genuine paranoia… You bit the bullet a number of times, sallying forth when the results weren’t even guaranteed. Maybe your year was boring as hell, for all I know. But take a look at your lens. How do you measure success? It’s an old question but it begs your attention.

This early New Year’s Day (it’s 1 a.m. Eastern where I am) is an opportunity not just to change your habits–eat better, spend more wisely–but to change your outlook. How does your attitude empower you to wake up earlier, walk more lightly, hit the job at hand harder than ever before? Do you feel good?

A friend of mine was recently extolling the virtue of passion. She said passion is crucial no matter what you are into. She said:

“If you sell vacuum cleaners, be passionate about it,” she said. “Say: ‘I love selling Hoovers and it is my LIFE, and if you got a problem with that, #@*% YOU!'”

There is much to be proud of, so why don’t you enjoy it for once? What are you doing that you would like to enjoy more?

This is just another day. Our Gregorian calendar is just an arbitrary mark-time, a random beginning, middle and ending of our continuous revolution around the sun. Today is really not all that special, when you get right down to the science of it. Look around though. Your loved ones, your acquaintances and colleagues, even your hated ones: they think there is something special about all this. Do you? You are a pack animal, sir or madam! You cannot ignore the sentiments of those around you. Like it or not, you are affected by your peers and their attitudes, no matter how culturally arbitrary. New Year’s matters.

Channel their influence on you in a positive way. Now is your moment to change your goggles, your viewpoint, your attitude. Take a look in the mirror, but this time I want you to smile.

May some of your most honest wishes come true this year!

To All 15 of My New RSS Subscribers

Two days ago I added Feedburner to my growing list of blog technologies to try out. Since then I have gained 15 readers, according to the stats at Feedburner. No, I cannot see who subscribes, I can only see the numbers and their basic clicking behavior. It is one of the better ways to see how people use your site and then adjust your approach accordingly.

So, moving on to my dedicated note for my new subscribers. I just want to make it clear that I welcome any and all communication from you. You can join this site via the Google Friend Connect widget in the sidebar, talk to me on any of my social networks, shoot me an email anytime you like, and of course, drop copious amounts of post comments (now with Facebook Connect!)

That said, here’s a question for you. Why did you subscribe to my blog? I was going to create a poll at PollDaddy, but I decided we don’t need to get fancy here. I will just list off a few guesses, and you can respond in the comments.

Your Reasons for Subscribing to Man of Many Words

  • My scowling face.
  • My happy face.
  • The oddly proportioned header.
  • My thoughts on social media.
  • My thoughts on life itself.
  • I blogged about a specific topic you are interested in.
  • Other

If I blogged about a topic that’s near and dear to your heart, what was it?

A final word for now: If you blog or have a presence online somewhere and would like to share that information with me and/or my other readers, please do so!

What Santa Really Does

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Atheist Pagan Gift Giving Season, Happy Jesus Was Born in Late Summertime/Early Autumn…

Wait, what?

Luke 2:8-11 shows that shepherds were in the fields at night at the time of Jesus’ birth. The book Daily Life in the Time of Jesus states: “The flocks . . . passed the winter under cover; and from this alone it may be seen that the traditional date for Christmas, in the winter, is unlikely to be right, since the Gospel says that the shepherds were in the fields.” – WikiAnswers

No matter what your religious, political or factual predilections, I love this time of year. Melts my rusty heart right down to tears.

I am bodily sick right now, but spiritually feeling good.