For My Connecticut Readers

By way of email from my friend Sarah:

I learned today that voting “NO” on Number 1 (against the Constitutional Convention) is crucial for Labor in CT. If the Convention passes, it will be possible for CT to repeal its Davis-Bacon law, which calls for prevailing wage on Government-funded construction jobs. Without prevailing wage, all tradesmen and tradeswomen in CT will suffer.

The more information we have, the better we lead our government.

Thanks again,


I can attest from experience that non-prevailing wage constructions jobs, at least in the private sector, are just rotten. Back in New Mexico I worked for a private contractor who paid me $7 an hour. I’m not ashamed to admit it. However, I am ashamed for my former employer. If he can’t pay his workers a living wage, he has no business in business.

Sure, I took the job, so you could say it’s my free will, but perhaps you don’t understand that I’m not complaining. I was inexperienced and wanted to learn about construction. The problem is, my veteran co-workers didn’t make much more than me. One guy had been roofing for 20 years. His wage? $10 an hour.

On top of that, we were treated more like liabilities than the invaluable asset we were. Getting any respect from our boss was out of the question. He wasn’t a bad man; his method is par for the course. We’re talking about a systemic trend that rewards less sweat with more money, and more sweat with a smack in the face.

No wonder people are lazy. No wonder the economy is “in trouble”. Those at the root of society–the ones who grow your food and build your shelters–are among the lower castes. Yet without them, we would all be without our most basic human needs.

Thank a broke homeless person today for keeping your ass alive. It’s okay, you can feel a little guilty.

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