A Rainy Reprieve

People love it when it rains in the Southwest – especially here in Roswell, New Mexico. It is raining now, outside my window, gently, as I type this. I was supposed to go to work this morning, but the rain will delay our work. I am a roofer. A blue collar worker. I like it very much. Even though I have plenty of snobby background, there is nothing like working off my abundant male energy on the roof of a house in 90-degree weather.

This area is blessed with the most ebullient cloud formations I have ever seen in real life. The sky is so big. The wind carries the water droplets across the land, where they explode onto the Roswell sky in every direction. Artists over the past century have flocked here in smallish numbers to paint the towering arrangements of clouds. Victor Higgins is my favorite sky painter. Look him up.

Normally it is very hot here. This first-floor apartment is usually muggy and suffocating, even when the weather takes a turn for the cooler. I usually prefer no clothes at all when I am indoors. The blinds shut, of course.

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Reprieve”

  1. Rain in the desert always beautiful. It makes me remember the downpour in Tucson, where it rained more like a sudden and fifteen minute thud. think an aquarium,water full, just landing, sloshing, and sweeping away every coyote down the road.

    I have been trying to get a hold of you.
    Simple request really, the landlord’s contact info, or better yet Cedric’s.
    Can afford to have my stuff sent to me now.
    Would like to get it before April… Going to Australia in April.

  2. sometime soon,take route 70 west, maybe southwest, to white sands. it will break your heart. stay out of truth n’ consequences though. there is a room there very dark and inside a woman cries. Maybe in a couple years we will meet at the bottomless lakes

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