Changing Minds

Now that the mainstream media, responding to the FBI and CIA, is finally beginning to admit that bin Laden is in no way connected to the 9/11 attacks, I thought I would list a few other Absolute Truths that might later be admitted to be false.

First off, a historical example. Pearl Harbor is a good place to begin. It appears we all now know that the Great FDR not only allowed the attack to occur, he also encouraged it via oil embargoes to Japan that had no other apparent motive than to piss them off. This is not to vindicate the then-Japanese government; it is merely to show FDR’s passive-aggressive role in the event.

And one more. The earth is spherical. There’s a big one. Not big if you’re living anytime before the 16th century. Big if you’ve been conscious at all since then. The church was so convinced it was right – had all the motive in the world to be convinced, in fact – that they tortured people for disagreeing with them.

Now, what current Absolute Truths do you hold that might be complete hogwash? How convinced are you that 9/11 was not an inside job? Does evidence appeal to you? If so, then why did you think bin Laden did it? What evidence was there in the first place, aside from the word of despots like Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, et al? Ah, the deliciousness of these lies were so easy to swallow back then. Why? Because you were scared shitless on a primal level, and you were looking for a surrogate daddy to hold your hand and make everything alright and tell you what you wanted to hear. That’s why. Most of us were in that highly suggestible state.

Weapons of Mass Destruction, anyone? Take two, they’re small.

I think people will one day admit that our country is in fact a fascist state, through and through. The only evidence to the seemingly contrary is that we are well-to-do. We have lots of “things” and “freedoms” to buy anything we want. But we are, in fact, under control. And we the sheeple police each other. Any ideas that challenge the dogma handed down to us by the self-policing state press (oh, how civilized they are, playing ball without even having to be tortured), are struck down by our fellow sheeple. “The burden of proof is on the naysayers,” we tell each other. I say the burden of proof is on those who lie to go to war and kill people on a mass level.

It’s like a game of poker. And I’m calling the bluff. I want to see the cards.

Questions? Comments? Rants?

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