You bin Lied To

The CIA shut down their Osama-huntin’ unit over a year ago. And the CIA and FBI alike both say that there is no evidence that bin Laden ever had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks.

Remember when you were so completely sure of yourself? Remember when you just absolutely knew that the mastermind behind the attacks was bin Laden?

In the future, perhaps you will be looking back on the day when you just absolutely knew the 9/11 attacks could not have been an inside job.

3 thoughts on “You bin Lied To”

  1. Musclemouth,

    It does take your breath away to realise that they still have no actual proof that he was behind 9-11.

    Especially as they invoke 9-11 as the justification for so many of the actions

  2. Kinda makes one go, “Gee, I wonder what’s true and what’s false.” I wonder what’s up, and what’s down. The fundamental issues. You know? It can be frustrating, believing in oneself. It’s a major challenge to overcome the viral effect of lies. We have to admit fully that we were wrong. And we have to admit that we are probably wrong about a lot of things right now. We should never be afraid to change our minds.

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