More Nervous Chihuahuas

The girlfriend wasn’t sure about accepting her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. To convince her that it is important to take risks in life, he jumped naked out the first-floor window and ran across the street. Before he could return, he saw a couple walking up the street. He hid his naked ass in a shrubbery. The other guy, a real cowboy, a real patriot, a real one-man crime-fighting machine, drew his gun, and, well:

The rest is history.

How does this relate to 9/11? Psychologically, it relates. People are more nervous, more on-the-ready. The theatrical effect of 9/11 and its jingoistic aftermath increased the number of incidents in which people get shot for no reason, airports get evacuated on false threats, stereos get mistaken for bombs, and so on. Most “terror threats” are bogus, it would appear.

I’ll be chronicling us nervous chihuahuas until the anti-terrorism fever wears off. Hell, at least it’s an entertaining way to keep a finger on the pulse of the United States.

3 thoughts on “More Nervous Chihuahuas”

  1. I’m sorry Musclemouth, but I still find it astonishing that citizens in the US are legally allowed to carry guns. As a resident of the UK that simply horrifies me.

    Add to that a government scaring people at every turn with false stories about terrorists under every bush – literally where he looked in this case – and it’s simply a wonder it doesn’t happen more often.

  2. The funny thing is, the 2nd Ammendment is all about the right to bear arms. And for good reason, I think, since what are politicians more afraid of: not getting your vote, or getting shot?

    On the other hand, I see what you’re saying. People don’t have the mental maturity to carry guns, for the most part. But neither do the Marines, as Haditha and My Lai and thousands of other, most likely unreported examples, prove. I used to be 100% anti-gun. I would say I’m mostly on the fence now.

    Martial law is a very real possibility. Once you have an unlimited army of brainwashed apes going around shooting people because their evil politician owners told them to do so, it’s a good idea to have guns. One day there will be a war between the People and the Government. The government will most likely win, because of their unlimited firepower.

    So I’m on the fence. I just don’t know. There are crazy people everywhere, and there are guns everywhere, and all you can do is hope not to get messed with.

  3. That surpises me. Maybe it’s because you live there that you cease to see it as remnant from another time.

    I could understand it in the days when the constitution was written. But nowadays the right to bear arms could include what? Rocket launchers? A small nuclear device?

    And the death rates of Americans from gun related deaths is spectacular when compared with western Europe. Here in Britain even carrying a gun carries an automatic five year jail sentence.

    And I’m not being flippant but the people who are supposed to rise up challenge the government have sat back and watched one election be blatantly stolen and another certainly questionable one proceed without a single weapon being drawn.

    But because it’s their guy that won they’re happy.

    And I don’t foresee any war between the people and the state for the simple reason that the state would win and the right wing networks have people too well trained to ever think of joining what would be portrayed as un-patriotic leftist hordes.

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