Not Just "Oops"

In England nine days ago, 250 cops stormed the home of two suspected terrorists. The cops said they had strong reason to believe there were chemical weapons. Yeah, right. They can believe whatever they want. I can believe there are pink elephants dancing on the dark side of the moon.

Turns out a stupid racist neighbor of theirs cried wolf.

But of course. This war is on terror! Yeah, right (again.) It’s on Muslims. The talking heads insist it’s a war on radical Islamists while showing you pictures of Muslims. What’s the difference in how they look? There is no difference. But they show you the pictures. That’s how they get you.

That’s how they get the public all nervous about Arabs. White people everywhere are ready to snap at a moment’s notice. If you’re an Arab and you sneeze wrong, you just might get shot. And that’s what happened at Forest Gate 9 days ago.

Questions? Comments? Rants?

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